Sunday, October 23, 2011


The geese have been gathering and honking away for a few weeks now.  At certain moments the crescendo is quite loud, espeically when I have the door and window open.  I always turn my head toward the lake and wonder what exactly is going on out there.  What are they saying to one another?  Are they deciding everyone's position in the "V" for their journey South?... At least for those who actually go South.  Are they arguing over a departure date?  When I first moved here, the lake and land were packed with geese and ducks, I never saw so many ducks and geese in one place, but now, the numbers have decreased.  I didn't even see any ducks today, just geese.  This picture only shows a small amount of the geese that are actually out there on the lake. 

Oh, look, a lucky penny!
Find a penny,
Pick it up,
All the day,
You have good luck!

I put this penny on my balcony railing this past Spring.  Heads-up, of course!  I never remember it is there (like today), and when I see it, it takes me by surprise for a moment before remembering how it got there.  Regardless, I say to myself, Oh look, a lucky penny!  Find a penny, pick it up, all the day, you have good luck!  But I never pick it up, I leave it there to be found yet another day.  Hope it survives thru the Chicago winter.  If it does disappear, hopefully, it brings the finder luck.

Anyway, I hope to have a project and card to share later.  I am busy with the three C's -- Cooking, cleaning and crafting!


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