Saturday, October 8, 2011

Altered Book, Writing Journal & My Dearest Muse: Ode to My Muse

My best friend and I exchange writing journals.  We make identical journals and give the other person the second one.  Along the way, we exchange completed writing exercises.  Once the journal is full, the other person creates the next set of journals.  Presently, we are on our third journal.  In journal two, there is a writing exercise that has you writing your muse a letter asking for help to write the next great American novel.  I used that exercise for a page in my altered book.  My first cat Oscar was my original muse.  He is no longer here with me on earth, but I know he is with me in spirit.  I used the letter from the writing journal for a page in my altered book but made changes so I am asking for help in creating a mixed-media dollhouse.  I also included an extra letter.  The person featured is holding an envelope containing the letters.  There are a number of websites with envelope templates.  Here is the letter adapted from the writing journal:

My Dearest Muse,

Thank you for being such a wonderful help to me!  By providing me with inspiration, my writing and art have improved tenfold!

Now I am faced with the greatest challenge of my life!  I am attempting to create a mixed media dollhouse.  I know I will have a difficult road ahead of me, but I know I will persevere with your aid.  I hope I can count on you to be with me during the long hours I will be spending with paint, glue, paper, fabric, balsa, glitter...

Your help, my dear muse, will be greatly appreciated.

Your humble underling,

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