Saturday, October 29, 2011

Art & Crafts Project: Halloween 2011 & B-Day Teaser

Finally I finished a project for my door.  Projects always take longer than expected!  Creating the background was the most fun... paper, glue, apply paint and wipe away some of it away...  I am not very good at drawing.  I found images online and resized them.  Then I printed the images, cut them out, traced, painted, wiped away paint and threw on a light dusting of glitter.  Finished off with ribbon.

Also this past week, I've been working on a b-day gift.  I got the idea off another blog.  I won't reveal the gift until my best friend receives it because she is a Google Buzz lurker.  But here is a sneak peak for everyone and a teaser for her!...
What can it be?  Well, besides the obvious, a cobalt blue bottle (she loves cobalt blue).  Hmmm....  Glitter stars.... Hmmm...  Any ideas?
Is that glitter in the bottle?  And...  What is the rest?  Hmmm....


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