Saturday, September 24, 2011

Haunted Dollhouse: Dining Room Picture Window

Today I worked on the picture window rather than the chairs.  I need more balsa to finish the chairs.  I googled "spooky trees" and found an image I liked.  I judged the size of the window and re-sized the picture accordingly.  Also, when I had googled "vintage Halloween photos" last week, I found some of cute kids.  I cut out the image and glued it to the spooky trees image and then positioned the "window" on the back wall.  I cut out balsa strips and painted them a dark gray and glued them to the window to frame it out.  Here's a photo of the window almost complete. 

I found remnant fabric at Jo-Ann's.  I chose a gauzy yellow-gold for the drapes.  I judged the size, cut 2 panels, and doubled the length. I folded the panels in half and glued the ends and glued on trim. 

For the curtain rod, I used another strip of balsa and decorative wood knobs left over from another project.  I painted the wood antique gold but it didn't look aged so brushed the rod with watered down dark brown paint. 

To make the drapes appear old, I watered down dark brown paint and painted the curtains.  If an area had too much paint, I just added water.  I hung them over a long handled paintbrush to dry.  Once dry I rubbed the curtains with sandpaper to fray.  I realized nothing has to be perfect, it's okay if they don't hang evenly or if the trim hangs unattached in areas.  I didn't even measure, I just eyed all of my cuts.  The drapes just need to look as if they have been hanging in the window for years, maybe even decades, and are deteriorating with age and sun and water damage.  I tacked down the drapes here and there so the trick-or-treaters can be seen peering through the window. The drapes are a bit pouffy but will probably settle with time or maybe they give the appearance of billowing from the wind through an open or broken window.  Don't all haunted houses have open/broken windows?   I know I would jump with fright if I saw trick-or-treaters looking through my window!  There is just something eerie about vintage costumes, especially the  homemade ones.  Trick or Treat...!

"Hey lady, open the door!  We want our treats!"

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  1. LOL! Love the annotation on the bottom photo!! Terrific project, the window is great. Can't wait for the next installment :)