Sunday, February 23, 2014

Project Update & Sydney

Once again, yes, I am still here.  This blog was created to center around an altered dollhouse but for some reason I have lost interest in that project.  Presently, the dollhouse seems more of a chore to me than a fun project.  I've packed it up and hope to return to it again one day.  So I decide to try to continue this blog but center around other projects.

The last couple of years I've been busy with art journaling.  I have been working my way through an artist pad, altering an old book, and working on a book I created from old holiday cards.  With the leftover cards, I created a mini journal with the hopes I could exchange back and forth with my best friend, but I have yet to receive it back... <Ahem!  Hint, hint!>   For inspiration, I've joined ArtGeeks ning and have discovered wonderful artists on YouTube.  Below is a page I did for an ArtGeeks prompt entitled "Holiday Papers".

Also, I joined ArtGeeks' mail exchange for February.  The theme centers around 'love'.  I'll be mailing off my envelope tomorrow.  Mail exchanges are new to me, and I look forward to see what I receive in return.   The only camera I have is what comes with my phone and the photos are a bit washed out.  Also I covered up the addresses.

Finally, I adopted another black cat two years ago named Sydney.  Come on over, Sydney, and introduce yourself!

Hmmm.... Could you find a more dignified position?  No?   Oh-kay....  Anyway, Sydney loves laying belly up (but don't touch the belly!), playing with toys, watching birds, and snacking on string cheese.  She can be fast asleep in the closet in the other room but still hears when I peel back the wrapping on a stick!

Well, that's all that is new with me.  Hope to be back soon!

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